Price Lists


I photograph using digital format, allowing me to take lots of images without worrying about changing the roll of film!

I will go to your home, or a location of your choice. I will spend about 40 minutes to 1 hour photographing you, your family and the children together and separately. Pets too if you have them!

You will be sent a contact sheet of the edited images from your sitting by email, where you can then choose which images you would like. The email should arrive within 3 working days.

I will email you after a week or so to see which images you would like on your disc, you have 5 images included with the sitting, if you would like more then just let us know, prices are below.

I am here to help you make your decision, so don’t hesitate to ask.


Alfurjan sittings costs 600AED including 5 complimentary images on a disc at high resolution. Sitting upto 1 hour.


Location sittings start from 900AED including 5 complimentary images on a disc at high resolution. (Depending on the amount of time) Price is for a 1 hour sitting and upto a 20min journey time either side of the sitting.


Extra Images from your sitting

To add extra images to your sitting package take a look below at the prices.

All images are at high resolution, which means you can print them at home or email them as many times as you like. They can be in Colour, Black and White or Sepia.

1-5 images  at 120AED each

6-10 images at 90AEDeach

11-15 images at 80AED each

16+ images at 70AED each


I look forward to meeting you.